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Jeffrey R. Cares has been recognized by Cap Gemini Ernst & Young's Center for Business Innovation as one of the "top thought-leaders in Information Age innovation" and his perspectives have been featured in such Information Age bellwethers as Wired and Fast Company.   Jeff founded Alidade Incorporated in 2000 with a vision to revolutionize military operations and commercial competition by combining practical experience with cutting-edge complex systems research.  The firm has quickly become a leading provider of Information Age strategic investment advice.

One of Alidade's greatest assets is its membership in the exclusive Santa Fe Institute Business Network.   Through this association, Alidade researchers regularly collaborate on revolutionary Information Age process innovations with a core of Fortune 500 strategic planners.   Since March 2001 Alidade has hosted the AlidadeOnlineDiscussion, an open-source discussion forum for the Who's Who of defense industry innovation.

In May 2003, Alidade Incorporated moved into new headquarters in Ayrault-Campbell House, a National Historic Landmark in Newport, Rhode Island.