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Course Offerings

Our training division, Alidade Institute, develops and presents educational seminars. Containing original research targeted to emerging defense and homeland security issues, these full-day analyst and half-day executive focus seminars address specific topics such as:

  • Distributed Networked Operations
  • Operations Research for Cyber Analysis
  • Operations Research for Networked Military Systems
  • Command and Control Network Analysis (C2NA)
  • Fundamentals of Adaptive Logistics
  • Network Science 101
  • Operations Research for Unmanned Systems

A full list and descriptions are in our seminar catalog. Download the course catalog here.


Our non-classified public classes are presented periodically in the Washington, DC metro area and are announced to our mailing list and in our Linkedin group. For the most current list contact at or at 1-401-662-9842.

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We can present these classes tailored to your command or company at your location and in classified spaces if needed. Save travel and time out of the office. Please contact Betty here or call her at 1-401-662-9842.

Download the Course Catalog Here for Seminar Content

Registration is now open. Click here to register, or, download, complete, and fax the registration form [256K PDF].

Jeff Cares
Chairman & Founder, Alidade Incorporated

Jeff Cares is a top thought-leader in Information Age military innovation and consults at the most senior levels of the international defense industry. He has been the primary author of numerous transformational concepts, including Distributed Networked Operations, Sense and Respond Logistics and the Information Age Combat Model. He lectures internationally and at service colleges on the future of combat.

Harvard Business Review selected his research to the list of “Breakthrough Ideas for 2006” and he has been featured in Wired, Fast Company and Computer Week. He is the author of Distributed Networked Operations: The Fundamentals of Network Centric Warfare and his new book, Operations Research for Networked Military Systems, will be available in 2014.