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Complex Systems Research

Practical Applications of “New Science” Research

The last decade has seen an explosion of multi-disciplinary research at places like the Santa Fe Institute and the New England Complex Systems Institute.  These groups are developing new mathematical techniques to evaluate information rich processes and are finding deep similarities between disciplines long thought irrelevant to each other.   Taken in the whole, this "New Science" research is emerging its own field of activity and providing new tools for the Operations Research analyst. Alidade is pioneering the application of New Science tools to warfare problems.

Process Innovation & Analysis

Assessment of Future Operations with a 30-50 Year Horizon

The computer has as much to do with Information Age Warfare as the internal combustion engine had to do with Industrial Age Warfare or muscle had to do with Agricultural Age Warfare. Many in the defense establishment, however, equate Information Technology with Information Age Warfare - at the same time they continue to hold mechanistic models of warfare in high esteem.  For example, Network Centric Warfare, Effects-Based Operations, and Maneuver Warfare have emerged as Information Age operational concepts.  Opinions about these concepts, pro and con, abound. Disappointingly, these opinions are often not grounded in theory or fact.  Meanwhile, allies and potential foes are developing their own strategies for Information Age advantage.  Alidade is a leading voice in the dialogue that continues in the American military as both leaders and followers debate the changes that may occur to military operations in the Information Age.

Strategic Investment Advice

Alidade researchers cast a wide net searching for emerging concepts and technologies.

Our attachments to a unique group of premier think tanks, academic institutions and research institutes make us a leader in transformational innovation.  Our focus is to capture all recent, relevant research to complement Alidade's unique repository of innovative methods for strategic investment advice.

Future Concept Generation

Alidade Incorporated is one of the few firms with relevant experience validating future warfare concepts.  The firm has developed a comprehensive framework for understanding Information Age Warfare that provides clients with tools that demystify the topic and confirm or de-bunk visions of future warfare.  In addition, the consultancy provides specific, programmatic guidance about the future of warfare.

Corporate/Government War Games & Events

Corporate and Institutional War Gaming

Alidade Incorporated approaches war gaming with a unique perspective: since purely analytical results about future concepts are difficult to obtain, futurism has again become part analysis and part gaming. Alidade offers a unique combination of classic analysis techniques combined - with proven war gaming processes - to explore, evaluate and innovate.